Serve daily 11:00 - 22:00h



130g English roastbeef    /    149,00 CZK

in pepper crust with homemade tartar sauce, dijon mustard and toasted baguette



120g Finely spiced Camembert    /    89,00 CZK

with walnuts and roasted baguette



150g Headcheese    /    89,00 CZK

with vinegar, onions and fresh bread



150g Homemade loaf spreads    /    89,00 CZK

with Znojmo cucumber, mustard, onion and fresh bread



250g Homemade or Julienne potato fries    /    89,00 CZK

with Tartar sauce or ketchup



250g Nachos baked with cheddar cheese    /    109,00 CZK

served with spicy salsa and sour cream



70 g Domestic roasted almonds    /    79,00 CZK



70g Marinated olives with dried tomatoes    /    79,00 CZK



1ks Fried jalapeňos pepper    /    35,00 CZK

filled with cheddar



180g Fried spicy chicken strips    /    189,00 CZK

in a corn crumb with coleslaw salad and tomato-garlic dressing

500g Chicken wings    /    169,00 CZK

on honey and chilli with fresh vegetables, sour cream and toasted baguette

200g Grilled chicken breast    /    199,00 CZK

with marinated Mediterranean vegetables with home-made basil pesto



1pc Tortilla stuffed with fried chicken breasts    /    189,00 CZK

in cornflakes with fresh vegetables, served with potato chips, spicy salsa and sour cream



450g Fresh spaghetti with grilled chicken    /    169,00 CZK

fresh tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese



200g Meat spicy wok    /    189,00 CZK

(beef broth, pork tenderloin, chicken breast) with bamboo shoots, shitake mushrooms and jasmine rice



200g Duck breast    /    289,00 CZK

with sauce of dried plums and slivovitz with sugar peas and baby carrots



250g Grilled pork tenderloin    /    239,00 CZK

with cream pepper sauce and bean pods on bacon and garlic



1ks Burger „Marjánka“    /    199,00 CZK

(beef, bacon, fried egg, cheddar, ice salad, tomato, red onion, znojmo cucumber) with homemade French fries and dijon dressing



1ks Chicken burger    /    199,00 CZK

chicken breast, bacon, gouda, ice salad, tomatoes, dressing with home fries and herb dressing



250g Grilled beef stew    /    299,00 CZK

with mushroom cream sauce and marinated Mediterranean vegetables

200g Tatar steak „Classic“    /    229,00 CZK

beef, yolk, onion, worcester, ketchup, mustard, spices with fried toasts


200g Tatar steak „Mexicano“    /    229,00 CZK

beef, yolk, onion, fresh coriander, chilli, spices with fried toasts




200g Fried cutlets    /    169,00 CZK

(according to the daily menu) with home-made potato salad and lemon



1pc Confit duck leg    /    239,00 CZK

with stewed red cabbage and home-made potato dumplings



200g Spicy beef goulash    /    179,00 CZK

s domácím houskovým knedlíkem a červenou cibulkou



200g Beef roast on cream    /    189,00 CZK

with homemade bread dumplings, cranberries and whipped cream



500g Roasted pork ribs    /    229,00 CZK

with coleslaw salad, horseradish, mustard and pickled vegetables




450g Roasted red beets    /    169,00 CZK

on cardamom and balsamic vinegar with roasted goat cheese and potato pancakes


450g Spicy colorful lentil on red curry    /    169,00 CZK

with vegetables and grilled Halloumi cheese



450g Grilled marinated Mediterranean vegetables    /    169,00 CZK

with home-made basil pesto and garlic baguette



450g Fresh spaghetti    /    169,00 CZK

with baby spinach, dried tomatoes, chick peas and parmesan cheese


1ks Quesadilla    /    169,00 CZK

(grilled vegetables, jalapeno pepper, olives, dried tomatoes, cheddar) served with spicy salsa and sour cream




400g Caesar salad    /    169,00 CZK

with grilled chicken, bacon and croutons


400g Variety of chopped salads    /    179,00 CZK

with dressing of coarse-grained mustard and honey with roasted goat cheese, roasted seeds and roasted baguette

400g Mixed vegetable salad    /    149,00 CZK

with olives, sheep cheese, basil pesto and roasted baguette



400g Traditional Arab hummus    /    169,00 CZK

with fresh vegetables, olives with dried tomatoes and baked pita bread




Jasmine rice    /    25,00 CZK



Boiled potatoes with butter    /    25,00 CZK



Roasted grenaille potatoes    /    25,00 CZK



Chipped potatoes with bacon and leek    /    40,00 CZK



Potato fries home    /    45,00 CZK



French fries Julienne    /    35,00 CZK



Garlic baguette    /    40,00 CZK



Garlic baguette with parmesan cheese    /    55,00 CZK



Bean pods on bacon and garlic    /    55,00 CZK



Grilled vegetables with basil pesto    /    75,00 CZK



Maize on butter    /    40,00 CZK



Side Dish salad    /    55,00 CZK



Basket of pastries    /    35,00 CZK



Gluten-Free Pastry    /    40,00 CZK


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