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Restaurace Na Marjánce
The modern restaurant Na Marjánce, which was renovated in 2007 and serves the original purpose, can be used for a variety of events.
We are able to provide, for example, catering services, weddings, receptions, company events, fashion shows, events, conferences, seminars, including entertainment programs, dance parties and last but not least, birthday parties and other celebrations.


The bar area of Na Marjánce restaurant offers 24 seats. In our menu you can find many kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on request and we will be happy to prepare mixed drinks and other specialties.



Restaurant facilities offer access through the bar and the main gate through the garden. We have 56 sitting places in this area, traditional tables are supplemented by cubicles that provide more privacy and accommodate up to 6 people.



It offers a capacity of 25 to 30 seating and is equipped with its own bar. The lounge is waiting for the smallest children's play area, baby changing table, painting table, rocking horse, dolls, pram, cars and lots of other necessities for boys and girls.

The lounge is also equipped with dataprojector, screen and speakers, and is therefore suitable for company training, birthday celebrations, class meetings, etc.

The premises of the lounge are guarded by our 18 year old tortoise Ája.



Historic building Na Marjance served since 1808 as a coaching inn (foundation stone 1799) and bears its name after the Ms. Maria Zemanova (later Cerna) which was known for its kindness. In 1870 he bought the established company, Jan Tellinger (1886-1890, the Mayor of Brevnov), who later handed it over to his son Josef. Inside the building there was a reserve, in its place later a hotel, a locality, a bar, a cafeteria, a butcher's shop and a factory, a garden with a covered billiard and above all a large dance hall with a stage and gallery.
Dance entertainment here was widely visited by both civilians and soldiers. Among the famous guests were Karel Hašler and Jaroslav Seifert. Very popular here was the performance of  Spejbl and Hurvinek. During the Second World War, Marjanka was used as an office and a coal storage facility. In 1949, the property was expropriated and taken over by RaJ (Restaurant and Catering), which in 1957 canceled the restaurant. Since then, Elektropodnik owned the building. In 1991 the object was returned to the original owners. Since 2007, after complete reconstruction, it has been used for its original purposes.

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